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GHS wrestlers continue with busy January

GHS wrestlers continue with busy January

The GHS wrestling team is deep into the heart of its schedule this month with the post-season looming just down the road in February. Head Coach John Kincade, assistant coach Shannon Rhea, and their volunteer coaches are busy preparing the team for a run at the conference championship and a possible state title in the weeks ahead.

In recent weeks they’ve competed at Greenbrier, Searcy, and Hot Springs. Greenwood also hosted the annual Bulldog Brawl this past weekend, featuring youth wrestlers from across the region (See photos on this page).

The Bulldogs wrestled this past Tuesday at Russellville against both Sheridan and Benton, and will travel to Greenbrier this weekend for a two-day event. They will host Russellville next Tuesday.

Greenbrier vs. Greenwood @ Greenbrier/Hot Springs; 01/14/2020

Last Tuesday the Bulldogs traveled to Central Arkansas to take on Greenbrier and Hot Springs, with the ‘Dogs taking both matches in easy fashion, including a clean sweep over Hot Springs.

Greenwood (GWD) 68; Greenbrier 12 – (106) Antonio Martinez (GWD) over Greenbrier (Fall :16); (113) Hayden Allen (GWD) over Tyler Henderson (Fall 1:20); (120) Gustavo Martinez (GWD) over Cody Lemaster (MD 15-1); (126) Hayden Smedley (Greenbrier) over (GWD) (forfeit); (132) Garrett Haralson (GWD) over (Greenbrier) (forfeit); (138) Ty Moose (GWD) over Jay Krisell (Fall 1:10); (145) Tatum Sadler (GWD) over (Greenbrier) (forfeit); (152) Colton Tuck (GWD) over Andrew Hare (MD 15-3); (160) Jason Arnold (GWD) over (Greenbrier) (forfeit); (170) Garrett Newman (GWD) over Hunter McElyea (Fall :24); (182) Charlie Nena (GWD) over Jacob Yasin (Fall 0:32); (195) Jayden Martin (GWD) over Levi Keller (Fall :22) 220; Tyler Crossno (GWD) over (Greenbrier) (For.); (285) Jeremy Parker (Greenbrier) over Kevin Douglas (GWD) (Fall 1:56).

Greenwood (GWD) 84; Hot Springs (HSH) 0 – (113) Gage Ellis (GWD) over (HSH) (forfeit); (120) Hayden Allen (GWD) over (HSH) (Fall :21); (126) Gustavo Martinez (GWD) over (HSH) (Fall 1:10); (132) Garrett Haralson (GWD) over (HSH) (Forfeit); (138) Ty Moose (GWD) over Elijiah Oliver (Fall :20); (145) Tatum Sadler (GWD) over Nathaniel Speed (Fall :23); (152) Colton Tuck (GWD) over Le`Marion Danner (Fall :40); (160) Jason Arnold (GWD) over Brandon Griffin (Fall 3:38); (170) Garrett Newman (GWD) over (HSH) (Fall :18); (182) Charlie Nena (GWD) over (HSH) (forfeit); (195) Beau Asher (GWD) over Johnathan Richardson (HSH) (Fall :13); (220) Tyler Crossno (GWD) over Jeffrey Claggett (Fall 1:00); (285) Kevin Douglas (GWD) over William Huzinec (Fall :56); (106) Antonio Martinez (GWD) over (HSH) (forfeit).

Little Rock Central vs. Greenwood @ Searcy Duals; 01/11/2020.

On January 11th the Bulldogs traveled to Central Arkansas to compete in the Searcy wrestling tournament. The Lions are the defending state champions in Class 5A.

While there, the GHS boys defeated Bryant, Fayetteville, and Little Rock Catholic in their pool and then beat Little Rock Central in the finals. The scores against Bryant were not available at press time.

The biggest highlight was in the 220-pound category. Greenwood’s Tyler Crossno beat the defending state champion from Little Rock Central in the finals and was named outstanding wrestler for the upper weights.

Greenwood (GWD) 46; Little Rock Central (LRC) 33 – (138) Ty Moose (GWD) over (LRC) (Forfeit); (145) Bradley McDaniel (LRC) over Tatum Sadler (GWD) (Fall 5:11); (152) Colton Tuck (GWD) over Isaac Coates (MD 13-3); (160) Jason Arnold (GWD) over Deterrance Ewing (Fall 1:55); (170) Vincent Bryan over Garrett Newman (GWD) (Fall 1:14); (182) Jalen Bailey over Charlie Nena (GWD) (Fall 1:10); (195) Jayden Martin (GWD) over (LRC) (Forfeit); (220) Tyler Crossno (GWD) over Jermain Taylor (Fall 4:57); (285) Kevin Douglas (GWD) over Jamar Bluefer (Fall 3:42); (106) Antonio Martinez (GWD) over Adam Ahmad (Fall :38); (113) Shehzad Sayyed over Gage Ellis (GWD) (Fall 1:06); (120) Marino Gray over Hayden Allen (GWD) (Fall 0:47); (126) Jaylen Harris over Cooper Culverson (GWD) (Dec. 4-3); (132) Marko Dominguez (GWD) over Ziyad Saleemudin (Fall 3:20).

Greenwood (GWD) 45.0 Catholic (CATH) 30 – (126) Joseph Smith over Cooper Culverson (GWD) (Fall :34); (132) Marko Dominguez (GWD) over (CATH) (Forfeit); (138) Jackson Smith over Ty Moose (GWD) (Dec. 15-11); (145) Jackson Dennis over Tatum Sadler (GWD) (Dec. 6-1); (152) Colton Tuck (GWD) over Tyler Pelletier (Dec. 7-2); (160) Jason Arnold (GWD) over Thomas Finnegan (Fall 1:21); (170) Garrett Newman (GWD) over (CATH) (Forfeit); (182) Kennet Roset over Charlie Nena (GWD) (Fall :55); (195) Beau Asher (GWD) over Patrick Ball (Fall :48); (220) Tyler Crossno (GWD) over Brandon Pelletier (Fall 2:47); (285) Kevin Douglas (GWD) over (CATH) (Forfeit); (106) Austin McDuffie over Antonio Martinez (GWD) (Fall 3:51); (113) Robert Pinter over (GWD) (Forfeit); (120) Hayden Allen (GWD) over (CATH) (Forfeit).

Greenwood (GWD) 52; Fayetteville (FAY) 25 – (113) Ian Branch over Hayden Allen (GWD) (Fall 3:40); (120) Ryan Maxwell over (GWD) (Forfeit); (126) Gavin Biggerstaff over Cooper Culverson (GWD) (Dec. 14-8); (132) Marko Dominguez (GWD) over April Staley (Fall :48); (138) Ty Moose (GWD) over Chatan Holloway (Fall :46); (145) Tatum Sadler (GWD) over Sam Palmer (MD 9-0); (152) Colton Tuck (GWD) over Noah Furhman (Fall 1:10); (160) Jason Arnold (GWD) over Ty Clayton (Fall 4:59); (170) Garrett Newman (GWD) over Dalton Stewart (Fall :57); (182) Robbie Woody over Charlie Nena (GWD) (Fall :56); (195) Beau Asher (GWD) over Tahj Million (Fall :54); (220) Tyler Crossno (GWD) over (FAY) (Forfeit); (285) Jeremiah Presson (GWD) over Caleb Young (Fall :14); (106) Mason Younger over Antonio Martinez (GWD) (MD 11-3).

Back on January 7th the Bulldogs traveled to Hot Springs Lakeside High School and defeated both Lakeside and Lake Hamilton, getting off to a good start after the holiday break.

Greenwood (GWD) 65; Lakeside (LAK) 9 – (106) Antonio Martinez (GWD) over (LAK) (Forfeit); (113) Hayden Allen (GWD) over Wirner Harris (Fall 3:17); (120) Keaton Wasson over Gustavo Martinez (GWD) (Dec. 13-9); (126) Double Forfeit; (132); Garrett Haralson (GWD) over Bridges Tomlinson (Fall 3:09); (138) Ty Moose (GWD) over Nicholas Burroughs (Fall 1:39); (145) Plyler Oseguera over Tatum Sadler (GWD) (Fall 2:47); (152) Colton Tuck (GWD) over Jayden Thornton (TF 19-1 5:00); (160) Jason Arnold (GWD) over Austin Brooks (Inj. [time]); (170) Garrett Newman (GWD) over Caleb Weed (Fall 1:18); (182); Charlie Nena (GWD) over (LAK) (Forfeit); (195) Jayden Martin (GWD) over (LAK) (Forfeit); (220) Tyler Crossno (GWD) over Dylan Bledsoe (Fall :18); (285) Kevin Douglas (GWD) over Easton Russell (Fall 1:49).

Greenwood (GWD) 50; Lake Hamilton (LHHS) 25 – (113) Gage Ellis (GWD) over (LHHS) (Forfeit); (120) Hayden Allen (GWD) over Brayden Horton (Fall 2:56); (126) Gustavo Martinez (GWD) over Blaine Homan (Fall 5:52); (132) Titan Jackson over Garrett Haralson (GWD) (MD 9-1); (138) Ty Moose (GWD) over Hunter Miller (Fall :24); (145) Tatum Sadler (GWD) over Izic Clenney (MD 15-6); (152) Justin Crutchmer over Colton Tuck (GWD) (Dec. 9-2); (160) Jason Arnold (GWD) over Zach Bradley (MD 11-1); (170) Garrett Newman (GWD) over Garrett Horton (Fall :33); (182) Austin O`Neal over Charlie Nena (GWD) (Fall 2:30); (195) Izaiah Clenney over Beau Asher (GWD) (Fall 2:18); (220) Tyler Crossno (GWD) over Dylan Horton (Fall 2:36); (285) Jared Wilson over Kevin Douglas (GWD) (Fall 3:00); (106) Antonio Martinez (GWD) over (LHHS) (Forfeit).

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